How does the new background look?

Question of the Day: What is your favorite Hunger Games-themed pickup line?

Does anyone like this as the new background for the posts? (The colors will change as they always have) but do you guys like it?

Am I the only one who sees Matt Bomer as Finnick? Not only does he fit the age and most of the physical traits, but he’s a brilliant actor. Does any one agree?

Question of the Day: Who should play Beetee?

Does anyone like the new background?

Question of the Day: Which actor/actress do you think fit’s their character the most?

I have a really good idea for a new graphic, so the Question of the Day is: If had to describe The Hunger Games saga in ONE WORD, what would it be?

Answer: Please.

Question of the Day: What is Cato’s last word to Katniss?

Answer: Rue has six other siblings.

Question of the Day: How many other children are in Rue’s family?

Answer: Katniss tried to drown Buttercup

Question of the Day: Why does buttercup hate Katniss so much?

Answer: Katniss, with a bow and arrow.